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A extensão, usada por sites comerciais com atividade no Reino Unido, pode ser registada por todos, inclusive não residentes.


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Alojamento 10 MB + 1 conta de e-mail 5 GB
Gestão dos DNS
Proteção contra roubo
Gestão de acessos (admin, técnico, etc.)



 s/IVA /Ano (OU 9,21€ c/IVA )


 s/IVA (OU 4,91€ c/IVA )



Oferta válida até: 31/12/2018 00:00:00 

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About domain

The is the ccTTLD that was created in 1985 for commercial sites in the UK. Today there are more than 10 million domains registered and it is the most widely used domain for businesses in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. With the constant addition of new domains, the well established domain will allow your target audience to identify your business as being a reputable UK business.

For Businesses

The domain is the perfect domain choice for business wanting to target the UK geographical area. Your domain name will return higher search results for people performing searches from the United Kingdom. Better search results provide greater visibility for your business, giving you an edge over competitors using a .com or other domain.

Another Benefit

If your business is currently using a generic e-mail address to contact and correspond with customers, isn't it time that you registered your own domain? Sending emails from your own domain is much more professional than sending communications from your ISP's domain or a free e-mail service. Your own domain and email address will allow your communications to stand out from all the other emails in your customer's inbox.

Customers Queries or Complaints

Please use these details to contact us for any .uk domain name related queries you may have, including complaints and instances of domain name abuse, you should expect to receive an acknowledgment of receipt within a few hours and no more than 3 days.

Already have a domain? Anyone that has a registered domain has priority when registering the equivalent .uk domain.